Heineken Cup - Live TV Broadcasts
Heineken Cup - Live Audio Broadcasts
ERC Television Coverage
The Heineken Cup enjoys extensive television coverage through our broadcast partners: Sky Sports (UK and Ireland); RTE (Ireland); France Televisions and Sport + (France); Sky Italia (Italy); and S4C (Wales).
European Challenge Cup - Live Audio Broadcasts
Audio Broadcast Help

A new page will open up, starting the live game and bringing up a chat page that will enable rugby fans from across the globe to exchange views in an open forum.



The games are being broadcast in association with a number of broadcast partners . We would suggest that to ensure that you don't miss the games, you should set up the MatchdayLive platform well in advance.
All audio and video will appear on the MatchDayLive platform and you may need to download various plug-ins and players to receive the service.
To download the latest free player click here:

We hope you enjoy these broadcasts and would appreciate your .

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